Where to Invest & Get Better Returns in Commercial Property or Residential Property
Where to Invest & Get Better Returns in Commercial Property or Residential Property

Where to Invest & Get Better Returns in Commercial Property or Residential Property

People who want to invest in the real estate sector have confusion aroused in the minds of the property buyers about whether an investment in commercial property or residential property would provide better income options.

Real estate investment is one of the best ways to earn a passive income. It is the most stable and lucrative form of financial investment.

One should make note of the fact that:

The residential properties are generally leased on an annual basis. Whereas, commercial properties are leased for long tenures.

Commercial & Residential Spaces at Noida

If you intend to make an investment in the property to earn returns you should be careful while choosing the type of property is it residential or commercial.

The following are the most important aspects that need to be considered at the time of selecting an investment in a commercial property or residential property asset:

- Prevailing Market conditions

- Procurement price

- Location

- Size

- Construction quality

- Layout

- Usage

- How old is the property

- The Reputation of the builder

Residential Real Estate Commercial Real Estate
Steady source of rental income with guaranteed marginal increase with every passing year Good Source of not only regular but also a very sizeable rental income
The investment cost is very low Higher investment cost
Prevailing market conditions do not affect and correlate Market conditions do play an important role
Lease periods are reasonably very short Lease periods are in particular very long
Property can be flexibly used for various purposes Property can be used only for commercial purposes
There is a high risk of availing delay in possession Getting possession is not an issue unless the investment is made in a property under construction
The landlord has to bear the responsibility and costs of all repairs and maintenance The tenant is generally responsible for repairs and maintenance
Rental yield is not very attractive for ready-to-occupy homes Rental yield is very high which for sure depends on certain factors like construction, location, and market conditions
Higher maintenance and upkeep costs with lower returns due to frequent changes in tenants Stable and long-term rentals with predictable income streams
Rental value does not go down if the market is slow The rental value increases with capital appreciation

In short, it is very essential to study the details carefully and figure out the right property that needs to be to be invested in for earning a rental income from the same.

Residential properties as compared to commercial are less complicated and easier to understand for a new investor.

To invest in commercial property in Noida other than for self-use like:

- Office Space,

- Retail Space,

- Warehouse Space

Should Consider Aspects Like: -

- Current leasing environment,

- Ecosystem existing in the region,

- What is the distance between complementary and auxiliary industries,

- Legal due diligence,

- All the clearances are specific to the property’s usage.

Commercial Real Estate at Noida

A residential property, on the other hand, must be evaluated with regard to its ability to live by means of:

- Social infrastructure,

- The surrounding environment,

- Neighborhood and

- A profile of other residents.

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