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The future-ready retail space will offer a wider experience than just physical shops, but rather places in which to meet and engage with each other, be entertained and try out new products and experiences. These multidimensional retail centers are poised to become a meeting point for kindred spirits, leading to unexpected and memorable encounters. And that is what Avenue 62 is all about.

Avenue 62 is the perfect amalgamation of an architectural form and a work of art. The singular seamless perforated roof with its wraparound latticed skin and distinctive flowing lines gives it an organic texture that undulates with the land and is in sharp contrast to the boxy commercial spaces the world has been exposed to. The distinctive structure with its lack of sharp angles is seemingly supported at the entrance by a breathtakingly tall waterfall that elegantly invites the world in.





- India's largest interior waterfall, a 25-meter water feature that cascades from the top levels of the Building.

- Avenue 62 has been designed to offer retail with a gourmet side to the foodie shopper, retail with an imaginative bent of mind for large center spaces to accommodate art installations and cultural events.

- Gourmet fine dining restaurants, al fresco terrazzo dining, cafes for a quick bite, club dining, Pubs, and lounges with amazing views of the Noida skyline.

- Avenues of relaxation such as bowling alleys, a games zone, and a multiplex to ensure that entertainment is always part of the core experience for visitors, engaging all ages and poised to deepen a sense of community interaction.

- Avenue 62 is well connected to all major locations of Delhi-NCR and is just a kilometer away from the FNG corridor. A short drive away from both Gurgaon & Faridabad, with easy access to Agra and Eastern UP via the Yamuna Expressway.

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SITE ADDRESS :   Plot No. C-28 & 29, C BLOCK, PHASE 2, SECTOR 62, NOIDA, UP-201301 CONTACT  :    01204909090