Central Glam

Central Glam

The new language of luxury


Even though grooming is a part of the urban lifestyle, all it takes is the perfect setting and exceptional offerings to transform a routine into an unforgettable experience. At Central Glam in Bhutani City Center 150, your clients will not only be looking for a service, they'll be looking for an unforgettable experience that only you can offer.


A dedicated space for select salons and beauty services, Central Glam will be the go-to destination for excellent service, personalized treatments, and spectacular makeovers. It will cater to a broad clientele with a variety of styling and grooming needs. With the most well-known brands concentrated in this wellness center in Noida, it will be a well-organized and customer-focused zone that emphasizes everything that makes a place special - the brands, the ambiance, and the services provided to customers.



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