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As we move on to the next era of growth of urban townships, staying ahead of the competition will not be a priority, rather what will be important is if your concepts assist in establishing a new reality. The Bhutani Group is driven to foster new thinking in the real estate industry with its vision of transforming the cities of today for tomorrow.

The Bhutani Group has pioneered the design and implementation of luxury real estate projects with some of the best commercial projects in Noida. Backed by decades of experience and a wealth of skills, Bhutani Group has delivered the most modern IT office spaces and retail spaces to the people of Delhi NCR. The Group has left strong imprints throughout the whole spectrum of real estate development in a very short period of time, establishing and managing the best commercial properties in Noida & Delhi NCR.

Bhutani Group has been on a constant trajectory of evolution over the last two decades. With a high return on investment and even higher delivery standards across Delhi and NCR, we are inspired by the best practices in the world of innovation.

We Provide Smart Solutions

Some might believe that strong leaders are born, not made, but only a few can stay strong and successful leaders unless they consistently enhance their abilities and seek new opportunities to advance. Bhutani Group is driven by innovation and growth. we are inspired by the best practices in the world of innovation.

With some of the top commercial developments in Noida, The Bhutani Group has led the way in the development and implementation of splendid real estate projects. The Bhutani Group has provided the ideal strategic choice to major corporate house both national and international, with the most cutting-edge IT office spaces and retail spaces.

The Bhutani Group has pioneered the design and implementation of upmarket real estate projects in the retail, commercial, and most sophisticated IT office areas, backed by a decade of experience and an abundance of skills. Along with the traditional services, we see projects through each stage, from site acquisition, design, and development through construction, marketing, and sales.

The Group has made significant contributions throughout the whole real estate development gamut by creating and managing the top commercial buildings in Noida & Delhi NCR. High Street Retail and Premium Office Spaces in city’s Growth Hubs, The projects are exclusive in Noida, combining modern architecture with an unrivalled locations and superior amenities. while ensuring its clients and business partners of the highest quality, timely deliveries, and dependability.

Parmesh Complex

Parmesh Complex

parmesh two

Parmesh Complex I

parmesh three

Parmesh Complex II

parmesh four

Parmesh Business Center I

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Parmesh Business Center II

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Parmesh Corporate Tower

Mission And Vision


Global is Local

We live in a more worldwide society, and each of our projects understands and adapts to the changing globe. Our projects, whether residential, commercial, or recreational, allow its users to experience the world.

Co-Created Cultures

Co-Created Cultures

We believe that a project's culture is defined by its public and shared areas. With the best commercial properties in Noida & Delhi NCR, we aim to make these areas engaging and extremely work-friendly. As the traditional workplace disintegrates into a borderless ecosystem, the entire complex functions as an office space, resulting in a dynamic and buzzing environment in each of our constructions.



A division of study at Bhutani Infra, this stream drives our architects and engineers to develop solutions and innovations that are most efficient and adaptive to the shifting dynamics of a fast-changing world.


Future working and living spaces will appear, act, and react unlike anything in the present. The living and the concrete will exist in a symbiotic relationship with one another. Bhutani Infra, one of the top real estate companies in India, recognises that this transformation is already taking place. And our solutions are not only intended to recognise this paradigm but also to stay ahead of it. We strive to develop living and breathing organisms that are as smart as they are adaptable.

Innovation is in our DNA. It is what motivates and excites us. We feel that there is no pursuit nobler than the one to advance humanity via industry-leading discoveries. Beyond the grit and filth of ordinary life, we strive to make a positive and perceptible influence on the world by bettering all the lives we touch, whether they be our clients, associates, or the labour that works on our projects.

Mr. Prem Bhutani

Mr. Prem Bhutani

Chairman & Managing Director(CMD)

An Industry veteran, Prem has been at the helms of Bhutani Group and a guiding force behind making the Group stronger by each passing day. His core expertise lies in construction & vendor management. He is a torchbearer for the team providing the right direction to the management in order to be aligned with the vision of the company.

Mr. Ashish Bhutani

CEO, Bhutani Group

Ashish is a young and dynamic corporate leader spearheading the Bhutani Group's success story. Having completed an MBA from the University of Cardiff, UK and graduation from University of Sheffield, UK, he brings a global outlook towards commercial real estate development in India. He has travelled extensively across the world and is applying all of his know-how on global best practices in his projects.

Ashish is a thorough management professional who believes in fulfilling commitments to his company's clients, partners and employees. Under his leadership, the Group is achieving tremendous success and their flagship project Alphathum has been sold by more than 90% in a short span of 2 years, making it the fastest selling commercial real estate project in India today. The project is under full swing in sector 90 Noida.

He is not only a corporate captain focused on project conceptualization and delivery, but also a thought leader who contributes to various social causes, from rural development and healthcare to education. To take this thought forward, he has taken several initiatives under the CSR arm of Bhutani Group "Bhutani Care". He firmly believes that all the children in our country, as well as the entire world, should be empowered with quality education so that they can make a difference in their own lives and to their families’ and the society at large.

ashish bhutani

Management Team

Mr. Ali Chatley<br/><span> Chief Operating Officer</span>

Mr. Ali Chatley
Chief Operating Officer

An astute professional who brings with him vast experience in the real estate corporate leasing. Ali is instrumental in getting well known brands on board for the Group. His core competencies lie in Sales, Leasing and Brand Management. He has been a driving force at the Group in getting well-known brands on the leasing front and positioning stronger group presence.

Mr. Rohit Khanna<br/><span> Director Sales</span>

Mr. Rohit Khanna
Director Sales

With an MBA in Marketing from Indian Institute of Planning and Management, Rohit gets his expertise of sales and marketing domain at the Group helming projects for the Group in new territories. Rohit has been quite instrumental in charting unknown territories and marking the presence of the brand globally.

Mr. Manik Dhingra <br/> <span>Director Sales</span>

Mr. Manik Dhingra
Director Sales

Post his graduation in commerce, Manik found keen interest in the real estate sector within the sales domain. A man with many feathers in his cap, Manik has been handling the sales domain of the Group effectively and fostering better business relations with channel partners. He has also been instrumental in handling public relations and brand management in his previous work organizations before taking plunge into the sales domain.

Mr. Laxman Patel<br/> <span>Director Sales</span>

Mr. Laxman Patel
Director Sales

Having completed his MBA followed by a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management, Laxman entered the real estate market in the year 2010. His core competencies lie in Business Development and fostering relationships with various channel partners. After his stint in the Gurgaon market, he learnt the ropes of the trade and now firmly believes that commercial real estate is more challenging than residential.

Mr. Bipin Bihari <br/> <span>Director Sales  Regional (Bihar & Jharkhand)</span>

Mr. Bipin Bihari
Director Sales Regional (Bihar & Jharkhand)

Bipin comes with a varied experience starting from pharmaceuticals to Banking Insurance and then had his foray into the real estate world. He has been instrumental in establishing the Group’s presence in Bihar since the last few years making it grow stronger by each passing day.

Mr. Kunal Chhabra <br/><span> Associate Sales Director </span>

Mr. Kunal Chhabra
Associate Sales Director

Kunal comes on board with over 10 years of solid experience within the sales domain. He has been instrumental in giving a new direction to the Group aligned with its vision. His core competencies lie in Business Development and Sales.

Mr. Sandeep Patel <br/> Associate Sales Director </span>

Mr. Sandeep Patel
Associate Sales Director

After completing his Bachelors in Technology, Sandeep realised that his real interest lies in the real estate world. His core competencies lie in Business Development, fostering smooth relations with channel partners and Retail Specialization. Sandeep has been instrumental in leading the retail space for the Group.

Mr.Brajesh Singh  <br/><span> Associate Sales Director  </span>

Mr.Brajesh Singh
Associate Sales Director

Management Graduate from Amity Business School, Specialised in International Business & Marketing. A Business professional with more than 15 years of Real estate management experience in different market leading organizations

Mr. Sahil Arora <br/><span>Associate Sales Director </span>

Mr. Sahil Arora
Associate Sales Director

Hailing from Amritsar Punjab and graduated from commerce, Sahil soon found his interest in the real estate business within the sales domain. With his charismatic personality he has been leading sales from the front since 2012 and taking the Group to greater heights.

Mr. Nikhil Sachdeva <br/><span>President Sales</span>

Mr. Nikhil Sachdeva
President Sales

After completing his Graduation in Commerce from Delhi University, Nikhil has been instrumental in taking the Group to new heights in the sales domain. Nikhil’s expertise lies in Operations, Business Development and Sales. Nikhil was also one of the instrumental forces behind founding Delhivery – an online courier service based out of Delhi.

Mr. Shailender Singh <br/><span>President Sales</span>

Mr. Shailender Singh
President Sales

Shailender, a native from Delhi, brings with him over 13 years of rich experience in real estate, starting his career with a prominent real estate group he rose through the ranks learning the nitty-gritty of the business. His calm nature and eye for detail makes him a great asset for the Group.

Mr. Prateek Khanna<br/><span> President Sales</span>

Mr. Prateek Khanna
President Sales

Coming from a real estate family, Prateek had a strong inclination towards real estate business since his early days. His core competencies lie within Sales, maintaining channel partner relationships and team handling. He has been a driving force in setting up the Group’s footprint in Eastern Uttar Pradesh. Prateek holds an MBA in Marketing from Bhartiya Vidyapeeth University from Pune.

Mr. Salman Qureshi <br/><span>Associate Vice President Sales</span>

Mr. Salman Qureshi
Associate Vice President Sales

After completing his Bachelors in Business Management, Salman took the plunge in the real estate market and soon found his passion within the sales domain. He has been associated with the Group since 2016 and is a driving force in making the Group’spresence felt in Dubai and Lucknow markets.

Ms. Priti Chaudhary <br/> <span>Chief Xperiential officer</span>

Ms. Priti Chaudhary
Chief Xperiential officer

A seasoned Marketing professional, Priti has been spearheading the Marketing and Corporate Communications department for the Group. After completing her graduation in economics, she found keen interest in marketing. Her core competencies lie in Brand Management, Product Management, Event Management, Corporate Communications, Digital Media Advertising, and Creative Development.

Ms. Apeksha Chaudhary  <br/> <span>Associate General Manager Human Resource & Marketing</span>

Ms. Apeksha Chaudhary
Associate General Manager Human Resource & Marketing

Apeksha has been at the helms of the Human Resource and Marketing department of the Group since the past few years. Her core competencies lie in Brand Management, Event Management, Human Resource Management and Administration. She brings on board over 13 years of experience in working in various industries eventually foraying into the real estate.

Mr. Ratish Pathania<br/><span> CEO Projects </span>

Mr. Ratish Pathania
CEO Projects

An astute professional who brings with him vast experience in the real estate.

Mr. Lalit Kumar<br/><span>Vice President Projects</span>

Mr. Lalit Kumar
Vice President Projects

After completing his Bachelors in Civil Engineering, Lalit started his career with a renowned real estate group in Delhi. He gets on board over 33 years of rich experience in the construction field. Lalit has been associated with the Group since 2016 and seen inception of various projects helmed by the Group.

Mr. Chander Shekhar <br/> <span>Head Customer Relation Management</span>

Mr. Chander Shekhar
Head Customer Relation Management

Shekar has been a single-handed driving force for CRM department at the Group since 2018. He has been a veteran real estate professional with over 20 years of experience in the business. He started his career within the sales domain, eventually finding his interest in customer relationship management. Shekar also holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application and Management System.

Mr. Mukesh Sharma <br/><span>Senior Manager Customer Support</span>

Mr. Mukesh Sharma
Senior Manager Customer Support

Having started his career with a leading Australian Bank in banking CRM, Mukesh’s expertise lies in customer relationship management and providing the required channel partner support for the Group. Mukesh has an illustrious career with his experience ranging over 14 years in customer retention and fostering customer relations.

Mr. Gajender Sharma <br/><span>Head Finance & Accounts</span>

Mr. Gajender Sharma
Head Finance & Accounts

Hailing from Dist. Una in Himachal Pradesh, Gajender has been at the helms of managing Finance & Accounts department of the Group. He brings with him over 25 years of rich experience in the accounting domain, making him a valuable asset for the Group.

Mr. Mayank Vyas <br/><span>Associate Manager Accounts </span>

Mr. Mayank Vyas
Associate Manager Accounts

A post graduate in Commerce, Mayank comes from a small town of District Basti and joined the Group as a Junior Accountant. With his sincerity and dedication towards his job, he was quickly able to climb up the ladder and rise to a designation within a span of a few years.