Bhutani Care Foundation

Bhutani Care Foundation is Bhutani Infra's Corporate Social Responsibility arm. Established in 1996, Bhutani Infra has always been in the business of commercial real estate. We at Bhutani Infra believe that actively serving our society is an important part of our mission statement.

csr vidya care


"Education is the most powerful tool, which you can use to change the world" – Nelson Mandela

India is the second-most populous country. It has a population of over one billion people, out of which only one-third can read. Rapidly growing population, lack of basic facilities and infrastructure, shortage of resources - teachers, books, etc., and limited public funds to support education expenditures, are just some of the challenges faced by the nation and its children.

India stands fourth amongst the top 10 countries in the world in terms of the highest number of students dropping out of school at an elementary level. Poverty is one of the major reasons for students dropping out. With taking care of one's family and making a living to do so being the primary concern, education has taken a backseat for these children. Education is viewed as a high-priced luxury by underprivileged people in India, and this adverse viewpoint is passed down from generation to generation.

Vidya Care by Bhutani Care Foundation focuses on primary education initiatives for underprivileged children. By collaboration with some government schools, running awareness camps in the slum areas, and contributing man-hours to schools in such locations Bhutani Care Foundation is focused on providing education to the youth of India.

Bhutani Care Foundation happy tails


Happy Tails by Bhutani Care Foundation is a dog care initiative by Bhutani Infra. Not unlike any other living being on this planet, stray dogs deserve a home. However, unfortunately, they dwell in misery on the streets. They are frequently malnourished, exposed to infectious diseases, extreme changes in temperature, and more often than not, they are hounded by hostile and aggressive individuals. But we, as animal lovers, can make a difference.

Happy Tails by Bhutani Care Foundation provides infrastructure for shelters, treatments, food, and care in order to alleviate the suffering of stray animals. We also urge for changes to India's existing animal protection legislation in order to make them more effective.

Under the umbrella of Happy Tails, we rescue abused/injured and abandoned strays, encourage their adoption, and aid them with regular medication and vaccinations.

Bhutani prithvi care


At Bhutani Group we understand the significance of protecting the natural ecosystem. We aim to preserve the environment with Bhutani Care Foundation for future generations, guaranteeing that everyone may live a healthy and fulfilling life. Environmental issues must be an inherent part of business in order to achieve a more sustainable future. Prithvi by Bhutani Care Foundation is a new CSR commitment by Bhutani Group that will push us to enhance our company, communities, and planet over the next 25 years. With Prithvi, we will play our role in hastening the transition to a lower-carbon economy and mitigating the effects of climate change on our customers and communities.

Our environmental sustainability goals include:

  • Identification, planning, and designing of Various Tree plantation sites.
  • Recycling of plastic waste and construction material.
  • Working with horticulture teams of various Government authorities for the beautification and plantation initiatives
  • Reducing carbon footprints by taking sustainable measures
Health Care

Health Care

Healthcare is a key thematic area of intervention for Bhutani Care Foundation. We, at Bhutani, consider health as one of the foundational aspects of life. Only a healthy individual can contribute to economic and social life of a community and a nation, positively. Under the theme, we aspire to equip people with health knowledge, making basic health services accessible and affordable for the needy and reducing malnutrition among children. There are numerous initiatives that are being carried out by the Bhutani Care Foundation on ground for economically and socially vulnerable groups.

Our healthcare initiatives include:

  • Creating Health Awareness,
  • Curative Health Care
  • Reducing Malnutrition
  • Health and Sanitation

Plastic Waste Management

With a vision of practising and promoting environmentally sustainable way, Bhutani Group jointly with Indian Pollution Control Association (IPCA), is running a sustainability initiative under which Plastic Waste is being collected and the segregated waste is being sent for recycling.

Under this initiative being run by Bhutani Group, the IPCA has already collected and recycled 24,862 kilograms of Plastic & Paper waste from "October 2022 to December 2023".

Bhutani Group is also conducting a public awareness campaign against the growing menace of plastic waste, besides conducting an awareness drive among its employees and communities through its CSR arm, ‘Bhutani Care Foundation.

When the world is resolute to curb plastic menace, Bhutani Group aims to continue to work towards a sustainable future and contribute to India’s commitment to combat plastic pollution. The company has joined the world in fighting against the climate change as an organisation.

Health Care