City Center Bolt

City Center Bolt

The Ultimate Gaming and Entertainment Destination


Millennials are always searching for new experiences and entertainment spaces in Noida to take them away from mundane routines. Gaming and entertainment swiftly fill this void by providing a complete bundle of fun, adventure, and excitement for young thrill seekers. A gaming zone in Noida like Bolt ensures that there is something for everyone to enjoy by offering a variety of activities and experiences.


Bolt is designed to give you a sense of vitality. At this private commercial property in Noida people of all generations are on an equal footing. Where games become serious competition and mental exhaustion gives way to vigour, all while having a terrific time. You can enjoy exhilarating sports, intense games, fascinating entertainment, and much more at Bhutani City Center 150.


An Unmatched Experience Awaits You At Bolt


  • Virtual reality experience
  • Edutainment
  • Gaming
  • Concept-based games
  • Indoor sports


Bolt will be an icon within an icon as part of soon-to-be one of the busiest commercial spaces in Noida. It is expected to witness a large influx of people of all ages, from in and around City Center 150, setting new benchmarks in gaming and entertainment spaces in Noida. Not only that, but it also provides an unprecedented chance for investment, with boundless potential in the future.



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