Where Should I Invest Money in Commercial Property or Residential Property?
Where Should I Invest Money in Commercial Property or Residential Property?

Where Should I Invest Money in Commercial Property or Residential Property?

Thinking to Invest Money in Commercial Property or Residential Property?

In a nutshell

— Residential segment in the real estate industry has been an all-time favorite for investors till 2006-07. ROI on property investment in Noida was more than sufficient and capital appreciation was emphasized more than anything else.

— Also, it was much easy to enter in residential segment for investment for the end-user.

— However, in recent years the scenario has changed drastically. Demand for the commercial real estate segment is on the upside curve while the residential segment is on the opposite lane, towards the downside.

— Let’s delve into the commercial real estate investing segment more and analyze how it is changing the face of the Indian real estate industry.

Resolve it from here i.e. invest money in commercial or residential property

Commercial Real Estate Investing In India: An Overview

Commercial real estate investing in India is in the limelight simply because of myriad reasons.

Here are the top reasons why most people prefer commercial real estate over residential real estate

— It is able to get much more returns on investment as compared to the residential segment.

— Nevertheless, the investment is, as well, comparatively higher than that in the residential segment.

— At the same time, investors can get through all kinds of entry barriers if they can leverage funds through financial institutions.

Investment in Commercial Property & Residential Property

Investing in the best real estate developer in India has been gaining the interest of investors as it is just the beginning of the era when start-ups and the corporate sector have been demanding more and more co-working space.

Whether it is retail, office space, or industrial, demand for commercial spaces is expected only to increase.

Why Should You Invest in Commercial Real Estate than Residential Real Estate?

-- Investors have been gaining interest in the commercial segment due to the sluggishness in the residential segment. There have been issues with the latter due to the lost confidence of the investor or end-user due to the delay in delivery, high rate of interest on the loan, and less return on investment compared to that in the commercial segment.

-- Apparently, investors are more inclined towards the emerging segment. Capital appreciation always goes hand in hand when it comes to investing in real estate besides return on investment. The credibility also goes to simultaneous infrastructural enhancement taking place when it comes to any upcoming commercial projects in Noida.

-- Investing in commercial property in Noida is lucrative not just because it yields a high rate of return but also because this kind of space is the requirement of almost all commercial undertakings, banks, private firms, HNI's, etc. Moreover, with Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) in place, the industry will be the field for only serious players.

The above points help out to invest money in commercial property or residential properties.

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