Sky Bhutani

Sky Bhutani

Sky Bhutani - Lounge and Nightclub is a work of art paying tribute to exquisite architecture and interior design.


Sky Bhutani is where the grandest levels of luxury meet the greatest standard of service. Being a part of the best commercial property in Noida this lounge and nightclub also lends an amazing investment opportunity. 


Stationed on the top floor of Alphathum, one of the tallest commercial towers in Noida, Sky Bhutani boasts an alluring view of Noida's skyline. 


Adding to the charm of this ultra-luxurious establishment is a one-of-a-kind infinity pool that offers a breathtaking sight at night with its splendid ambiance and dazzling lights. Sky Bhutani offers the connoisseur of fine dining, a one-of-a-kind opportunity to tickle the taste buds with culinary excellence.




  • India's most efficient business towers.
  • One of the largest rooftop infinity pools in India.
  • Equipped with sky gardens and specially designed for breakout areas.
  • Climatically responsive architecture.
  • Automated Building Management System with HVAC to bring down the energy consumption
  • Ultra-modern building with high-speed lifts.
  • Walkways within the building and an excellent inter-building connectivity matrix.
  • Automated car parking system



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