La Sportzia

La Sportzia

India’s First Sports Investment Retail Hub


Sport is not just about a win, it is a process of learning, improving, and pushing your limits. There are no records that cannot be broken. Today’s underdog may be tomorrow’s victor. Presenting La Sportzia, where we believe in pushing the boundaries and rewriting the rules.


La Sportzia in City Center 150 is an exclusively dedicated retail space for sports accessories and equipment that matches your love and passion for sports. It transforms shopping for sports into an unforgettable and unmatched experience that indulges all your senses, and everything at a single destination. La Sportzia makes sports accessible to all.


This sports goods store offers an astonishing range of equipment and accessories, where customers will be able to touch, feel and experience the products that finally go into their carts. From casual running shoes to trekking and hiking gear, yoga mats to cycling equipment, tennis racquets to the billiards table, ask for it and you’ll find it at this sports equipment store. With La Sportzia sky is the limit, be what you want to be!



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