What Makes Noida Expressway is a Hot Property Market? - Bhutani Group
What Makes Noida Expressway is a Hot Property Market? - Bhutani Group

What Makes Noida Expressway is a Hot Property Market? - Bhutani Group

Noida-Greater Noida Expressway, a 24 km stretch, has already brought a transformation in the property market in Noida.

Since its inauguration, the expressway has been developing by leaps and bounds, not just in terms of connectivity with its neighboring areas and Central Delhi. 

However, the development at this stretch is more organized and balanced.

Let us see how the Expressway has only added to the development of Noida and Greater Noida.

Commercial property in Noida Expressway as well as residential property in Noida Expressway which is about to see even more upgrades in the years to come.

1. Corporate Presence

Both sides of the Expressway are filled with the corporate sector. Companies like KPMG, Adobe, TCS, and Birla Soft have their offices here.

This has brought the opportunity to residential builders and the area now comprises numerous residential projects for every class.

The market serves both kinds i.e. affordable residential solutions as well as the most high-end residential zones.

This has brought the entire stretch to the notice of foreign companies and industrial houses as well.

Owing to this, luxury hotels and restaurants have also been seen flourishing here along with various shopping arcades.

2. Well-Planned Infrastructure & Robust Connectivity

Various sectors from 129 to 150, are offering premium townships that are theme-based like sports cities that will cater to various kinds of needs of the society.

Societies are built adjoining each other in order to remain connected. 

The area has everything that is required by an investor in terms of social infrastructure.

Noida Expressway is Hot Property Market

The Metro line is already developed and will be operational soon.

There are knowledge parks, hospitals, and entertainment hubs like Connaught place, shopping arcades, schools, universities, and everything else connected with each other within a short radius.

In terms of connectivity, the Expressway itself joins Noida and Greater Noida and was basically built to ease the traffic congestion on National Highway 2.

It also connects the two suburbs with Yamuna Expressway and Agra city.

It is a win-win situation for the residents and MNCs and foreign establishments here as the human resource needs are fulfilled and employment is not a problem here.

3. Availability of Land

Though lots of development has already taken place, schools, colleges, restaurants, corporate buildings, and residential complexes have already taken up an attractive part of the land on both sides of the Expressway, still, there is a lot available for the developers to take over.

Commercial Market in Noida

A lot of scopes still lie for the development, which might take place in phases in the upcoming years as the commercial/residential property market in Noida.

4. Connectivity with Delhi

As mentioned above, the Expressway of 24 km connects Noida and Greater Noida. It does not just connect the two suburbs but most of the part of the stretch is connected with Delhi. Only 3 km falls under Greater Noida while the approximately 20 Km stretch belongs to Noida.

connectivity with real estate

The upcoming metro line is all set to connect the Expressway with other parts of the NCR say, Gurugram and Faridabad.

This will further enhance the connectivity and will prove to be the boom for the commercial real estate property in Noida Expressway and the residential real estate property market in Noida Expressway here.

So the area is no more just the living space available for the working population of Delhi. In fact, it has turned out to be the destination for the upward mobile population and home-seekers due to its self-sustaining feature and continued social infrastructural growth.

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