Key Trends Shaping the Commercial Office Space Market in 2019-20 - Bhutani Group
Key Trends Shaping the Commercial Office Space Market in 2019-20 - Bhutani Group

Key Trends Shaping the Commercial Office Space Market in 2019-20 - Bhutani Group

The commercial office space market in India is witnessing a humongous change in 2019. The demand for commercial office space properties is mounting day by day. There is a huge potential growth in end users and investors alike.

After all, it is deemed to be one the biggest destination for investments in India not only for the Indians but for the NRIs as well. Today everyone is extremely keen to ace up their investments in the commercial office space market investing sector.

Thanks to both Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities that are absorbing the ever-changing corporate environment. The demand for bigger as well as better office spaces by national and multinational companies is swiftly surging in these areas.

Listed here below are some trends that are fruitful in shaping the commercial office space market in 2019

1. Adoption of Coworking culture by Multinationals and Global Players

Gone are the days when coworking or shared workspaces were only looked upon by start-ups and SMEs. Today there are a number of builders in Noida that are showing an increased interest in coworking and shared office spaces.

coworking space in Bhutani Group

The perks of superior infrastructure and a flexible work environment are playing wonders. Moreover, it also has the advantage of reducing operational costs.

Due to this many unused commercial spaces are now seeing occupancy. The value of the property is also escalating.

2. Role of Technology

The latest technology-powered office solutions are the game-changer for the Indian corporate real estate sector.

This new trend of having robot receptionists, wireless AV systems, parking services based on apps, and intuitive meeting rooms is driving the future growth of commercial projects in India. These technological innovations are propelling the corporate world.

office space in Noida

3. Buying is more favorable than Leasing

The past few years have witnessed many companies opting to buy commercial properties in Tier I and Tier II cities instead of leasing them.

Buying is a one-time investment and helps in building long-term assets. Companies prefer to merge with coworking brands

Dedicated Office Spaces in Noida

Partnering with coworking brands gives an opportunity for the occupants to enjoy a vibrant work environment and get agile workplaces. It also turns out to be a good networking source. The terms are very cost-effective.

4. Space Efficiency is helping to Boost Operational Efficiency

These days corporate giants are combining their several office spaces into one. They want their space to be resourceful. This helps them to save on overhead costs.

As a result, now there is a requirement for bigger office spaces to accommodate staff members from multiple office locations.

5. The Well Being Aspect for Employees is Moving Fast

Corporate giants have started giving due importance to “Wellness”. They want their employees to be sound and healthy.

Thus they look forward to only those projects that possess the label of “Well Certified” to ensure the wellness of the occupants.

6. Revision on the Lease Period is taking the Tempo High

The lease period for office spaces has now been extended up to 12 or 15 years as against the earlier term of 9 years.

lease in commercial property in Noida

This enables the tenants to save on rent and secure occupancy rights.

Studies reveal that last year in 2018 even non-IT companies like healthcare, biotech, telecom, consultancy businesses, and others actively showed interest in occupying commercial office space in Noida.

It has been observed that Bangalore is the first choice of multinationals. Delhi NCR, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, and Ahmedabad are also on the preference list.

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