Invest Through These 5 Filters in Noida’s Ripening Commercial Realty Market

Noida’s real estate market is in the spotlight for all the right reasons. The district is the toast of the market for both best commercial property and residential developers for a plethora of reasons.

Noida has witnessed the launch and completion of numerous projects in the past few years;
some have met limited success or
a halt in development as well.

‘Choices, choices’ is the apt reaction to the Best commercial property in Noida Extension / Expressway right now because it’s filled to the brim with lucrative purchasing prospects.

But, Noida continues to thrive in the realty scene as the most celebrated set-piece of the National Capital Region property market.

How to choose which is the best commercial property in Noida?

So, the question that remains, is how to choose a commercial property that pays off dividends as Noida continues to prosper? Well, here’s how you can handpick a property to invest in:

1. Development:

Employ your employees, hunt the internet forums and follow word-of-mouth trails to find out which developer is progressing on their committed projects.
Developers who have a good amount of funding, architectural vision, and customer-centric amenities in their projects are right as rain.

Developers who work intermittently to progress their projects or failed to advertise their projects are red flags.
Look into the developer’s past projects, their RERA compliance or the lack thereof, etc.

2. Architectural Planning:

The leading commercial property developments in Noida are offering skillfully drafted towers that combine commercial retail spaces and office spaces. Competition has enabled developers to invest time and brain behind the designs.

However, one must look behind the aesthetics as well. Pay attention to features such as sustainable design, eco-friendliness, RERA approval, financial and urban viability of the design and as such.

3. Connectivity:

Connectivity is the key if you want an investment that bears fruit. Rather than buying a commercial space in a hitherto random project, you should look for the projects that are connected to the key commercial and shopping districts.

Nearness to the central business district is crucial, as is transport connectivity, proximity to the airport, railways, and as such.

how-to choose which is the best commercial property in Noida

The Noida Expressway and its adjacent areas, for instance, are very much in demand. As is commercial space in Sector 18.

The upcoming metro rail projects play a big role in deciding the viability of the commercial developments brewing in Noida today. The FNG Expressway is another important road; buying a plot close to it will be beneficial in the long run.

4. Cost-effective Pricing:
Make sure that you are paying the right price per sq. ft. when you start casing commercial spaces coming up in Noida’s most anticipated projects.

The price per sq. ft. is lesser in Noida, then in Gurgaon for that matter, regardless of how coveted real estate is in Noida.

So, make sure you are paying the right price per sq. ft.

5. Urban Development:

When choosing projects, you have to be careful enough to handpick one that returns good value on investment.

As mentioned above, in Noida, there are as many successful projects to choose from, but there is a percentage of projects that may turn out to be a dud, further down the line.

Look for commercial units available in Noida’s upcoming shopping malls. Developers are combining commercial retail and office spaces for increased exposure.

Best commercial property in the Greater Noida is especially of value because of the recently sanctioned airport coming up in Jewar. The connectivity to the metro railway matters as well.