How to Decide Which is the Best Commercial Project in Noida Expressway - Bhutani Group
How to Decide Which is the Best Commercial Project in Noida Expressway - Bhutani Group

How to Decide Which is the Best Commercial Project in Noida Expressway - Bhutani Group

Investment in any of the commercial projects in Noida should be the rule of the game when you are planning to invest in Noida. If you are uncertain about your decisions and want to know how you can zero in with the commercial property on the Noida expressway for you, read on.

Investing at least a part of your total investible funds in a commercial segment not just balances your investment portfolio but gives you exposure in the real estate market that every investor should have.
Moreover, it gives you an edge over other investors investing their funds in a conventional way.

However, the question is how should one gauge the best commercial property in Noida Expressway he is looking for, is the right choice for him.

If you are an investor and exploring the NCR region and Noida Expressway is on your priority list, read further to understand how to pick the right project.

Social Infrastructure

The development of adjoining areas of commercial property is the first thing that comes to the notice of the investor. Nearby infrastructural development speaks a ton about the project as well as about the developer.

It reveals how the project will do in the nearby future and what are the growth prospects for the buyer of this project.

Social infrastructure counts in facilities like banks, commercial projects, nearby market place, etc. An investor can easily sense the development in the surroundings to understand the growth prospects.


Any investor is keen to invest in the best commercial projects in Noida if it has got good connectivity with its neighboring zones. For instance, Noida Extension is well connected with Noida-Greater Noida Expressway Road.

Best Commercial Project in Noida Expressway

This makes the nearby projects as best commercial real estate projects to invest in. Using various modes of transport one can connect with twin cities conveniently.

Green Zones

Noida is coming up as a planned city. The authority ensures that there is enough greenery in the zone. As an investor, one should also look for this aspect of the property. The adjoining areas should be green and liveable.

The commercial real estate project must have greenery not just externally but internally too. Look for the planning of the premises of the project and find out if the builder believes in just building up the structure or is keen to have a clean and green environment as well.

Brand Name

There are numerous real estate developers in the entire NCR zone. So it becomes imperative for the investor to choose the developer cautiously. One should go for the brand that has been serving for quite a long time.

As well as the number of commercial projects delivered. The previously delivered projects and their feedback reveals if the developer has been able to create the brand name and good rapport in the market.

For instance, Bhutani Infra is one of the best developers in Noida.

Alphathum is a recently delivered commercial project by the company that has commercial units, plush serviced apartments as well as facilities like multiplex and shopping complexes.

Cyberthum is a new commercial project on Noida Expressway. So now it becomes easier for you to understand by considering the above-mentioned criteria if the project you are looking for, is apt or not.

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