A World Created Just for Kids


A dedicated kids zone in Noida for products and services geared specifically toward children. No more idle meandering through malls. Family outings can now be more enjoyable with this commercial property in Noida. Kidzzup is a destination where parents can bring their children and depart with both merchandise and memories.


It features fantastic brands in a vast variety of categories, including Kid’s Apparel, Kid's Salons, Kid's Party & Play and many more.


An Investment Opportunity Like No Other


Kidzzup is a one-of-a-kind venue in Noida, for a growing category. Millennial parents are looking for things that go beyond the ordinary for their children. Brands are moving away from generic products and services and toward attractively designed, themed, and customised goods and services. This kids zone in Noida brings the best of everything together.


Higher margins – Kids' merchandise has substantially higher gross margins, providing it an unique investment potential.


High footfall - Parents frequently make weekend trips to places where their children wish to go. And as part of Cyberthum, in one of the prime locations in Noida, ensures the place is always thriving with commerce.


A one-of-a-kind offering - Kidzzup addresses the need for an upmarket kids zone in Noida that is adored by both children and their parents.


Price List