Cyber Patliputra

Cyber Patliputra

Made for Growth. Made for Bihar.


In the world of retail, Cyber Patliputra brings up a whole new universe of possibilities. Located on the upper ground floor in Cyberthum, Cyber Patliputra is named after one of India's largest ancient city, and is a centre of growth that represents advancement and initiative, and advancement.


Through its retail offerings, Central Patliputra provides an opportunity to provide a peek of culture. It allows for experimentation with numerous segments of retail spaces in Noida, ranging from designer stores to interior decor, handicrafts, customised gifts, health & beauty products, and much more.


A unique blend of products: Offering fabulous retail spaces in Noida, Cyber Patliputra has the potential to become an intriguing exhibition of art, craft, beauty, and culture, with a diverse selection of items.


A huge consumer base for your products: As a part of Cyberthum, the best commercial space in Noida Cyber Patliputra offers excellent footfall, which can thereby translate into a large customer base for you.



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