Cyber Mart

Cyber Mart

Where You Find Everything You Need Including Happiness.


Bhutani Cybermart, located in Sector 140A Noida is the best home shopping destination for its well-established catchment. The residents of the area are hard-pressed to find a supermarket near them. More than 2 lakh of these residents with high spending capacity have to travel all the way to Sector 18 to find a retail space in Noida to fulfill their needs. 


Bhutani Cybermart in Cyberthum is the solution for all the needs of the community's residents. With categories ranging from groceries to home furnishings and home appliances, Cybermart is the ultimate home shopping destination. 


Well-designed: At Cybermart the shoppers will get the shopping experience they deserve. It is designed to be a spacious, well-lit, and comfortable space meeting all the norms and giving the shoppers a terrific shopping experience. 


Only the best brands: Cybermart is home to the only best brands in their segment. Your experience will never be conceded. 


Easily accessible: Located on the basement, first and second floors of Cyberthum, Cybermart is easily accessible, with a shopping experience that will attract food enthusiasts without a hitch. 



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