Cyber Vantage

Cyber Vantage

Plug and Play Office Spaces


The future is here and belongs to the millennials. They are shaping modern workspaces. Millennials are touted to change the way businesses operate. With them dictating the future of corporate business, the workspace structure needs to be revamped. Presenting Cyber Vantage, for the harbingers of the new world order.


Cyber Vantage is a part of Cyberthum – one of the most dynamic commercial centers in Delhi NRC, with state-of-the-art infrastructure and the best office spaces in Noida meticulously designed for the millennials. Located within the ‘International Cyber Park’, Cyberthum is positioned right off the edge of Noida Expressway, Noida Sector 140A, where it invited several thousand people with avenues for shopping, leisure, and entertainment. A staggering 50-story AI-enabled building, part of 25-acre mixed-use development, Cyber Vantage places your business at the vantage point for success.


These office spaces meet all the needs of the millennials who follow their passion, be it a fantastic professional network, or just places to unwind. At Cyber Vantage the modern-day office goers are provided with an exceptional experience with plug and play office spaces.


Cyber Vantage brings together a variety of businesses under one roof and builds an ecosystem for professionals to interact, exchange ideologies, and stay current on the happenings in the world of business. These managed office spaces are well equipped for all that you may need. With businesses moving at a lightning fast speed, Cyber Vantage offers immaculately designed dedicated office spaces with cutting-edge infrastructure to provide a high-motivation work environment for your business.



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