Fountain Bay

Fountain Bay

Experience The Watershed Moment In Real Estate


Fountain Bay in Cyberthum is where the finest restaurants, cafes, and bistros are lined up alongside the spectacular musical fountain. These fine dining spaces in Noida elevates your dining experience to the next level. 


Well-designed: Fountain Bay has been designed to give restaurants the space they deserve - spacious, well-lit, and meeting all the norms for a stunning dining experience.


The best restaurants in their segment: Fountain Bay is home to only the finest restaurants, ensuring that your every experience is one savor.


The vibe and the view: Fountain Bay gives every diner the ambiance of their dream with musical fountains just upfront. 


Easily accessible: Positioned on the ground floor of Cyberthum provides easy accessibility and restaurant spaces at Fountain Bay will effortlessly attract food enthusiasts.



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