Cyber Life

Cyber Life

At the topmost level of Cyberthum, CyberLife is an exclusive avenue with an incredible range of fine dining restaurants in Noida, with an open patio and spectacular views. CyberLife is the destination for food lovers to seek new experiences.


CyberLife celebrates life and brings people together. This commercial space in Noida brings together an array of enticing flavours under one roof and has a stellar ambience with live music, events, and concerts. Whether you want to have a candlelit dinner enjoying the ambience or you just want to let your hair down and just be, there is a place for you at CyberLife. 


Great views: CyberLife sets the perfect ambiance for fine dining and sparkling conversations with a stunning and well-lit urban landscape. 


Open terrace: For an outdoor dining experience with a beautiful view, head to the terrace and feel the air in your hair. 


Easily accessible: At CyberLife you will lose your way in interesting conversations and not in finding the way to your favourite restaurant. 


Buzzing with activity: With people frequently visiting their favourite restaurants, CyberLife offers the perfect amount of serenity in such a lively place. 



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