Cyber Dine

Cyber Dine

Cyber Dine offers a selection of fine dining restaurants and bars together under one roof, opening visitors to a world of flavours to uncover. The private commercial property in Noida has something for everyone's palate, from authentic Indian to international cuisines. Add in the incredible bars, live music, and stellar performances, you have a fantastic evening to look forward to in Cyberthum. Find yourself swamped with possibilities, whether it's for a casual supper, a cup of coffee, or a spectacular get-together.


Well-planned: the spaces in Cyber Dine have been designed and built keeping in mind all the norms, demands, and needs of a  restaurant, allowing you to bring your ideas to life without any sacrifices.


Great views: Expect a stunning and well-lit urban panorama when at Cyberthum. It's the ideal setting for exquisite dining and sparkling conversations.


Buzzing with activity: Find calm in a setting that also feels lively, with people visiting their favourite eateries and food court spaces in Noida.



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