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A landmark icon in Greater Noida west (Delhi-NCR), spread over 23 acres of land, it is poised to become a landmark in the skyline of the area with its majestic architecture. It adheres rigidly to the criteria of prime location, accessibility, visibility and critical mass, all of which determine the success of any office and retail development. Grandthum brings together the elements of Hi-Street Retail, Signature Offices Spaces, Entertainment, Recreation, and serviced apartments to create an ecosystem that offers infinite possibilities

Project Highlights:

  • One of the Tallest Commercial / Office Complex of North India
  • Presents an interesting mix of working, leisure, fine dining, entertainment, recreational and interactive space.
  • Twin tower design for office spaces of 31 & 34 Floors with an iconic observation deck.
  • High Street Retail, with over 100 outlets including F&B, surrounded by beautiful Water bodies.
  • Entertainment & Recreational facilities – amusement park, Multiplexes, Fine dining restaurants, making it a perfect place for short family breaks and shopaholic's paradise.
  • 5 star Studio apartments for entrepreneurs and professionals.
  • Houses Yacht Garden – an ultra luxurious open air Fine dining experience surrounded by water and modelled like a yacht with smaller floating boats for rides.
  • Grandbay: a dedicated area for Bar & lounges with a feel of water bodies both sides.
  • Adventure Island; the amusement Park for a thrilling and enjoyable experience, The Rides are being imported from Leading European companies which supply to Disney and Universal studio.
  • A hypermarket to effectively cater to the needs of the high density of population in Delhi and NCR
  • Anchor Spaces with Water showers that would help you to relax in the open air
  • Multiplex with a capacity of up to 100 people per auditorium, equipped with cutting edge technology.
  • Multi cuisine food court and fine dining spaces overlooking water bodies and yacht, giving it a great ambience for spending quality time.
  • Approx thousands of residential apartments delivered in near by vicinity.

Office Spaces at Grandthum

Work Spaces presents new opportunities here, Office Spaces at Grandthum offer a platform to take your business to its next level of growth with an amalgamation of working and networking.

It has twin tower of 31 & 34 floors for office spaces with an observation deck at 27 & 28th floor to give a 360 degree panoramic view of the project.

Plug and play model for entrepreneurs, professionals and small businesses | Large, flexible spaces for medium to large businesses.

Retail Spaces at Grandthum

A landmark in the retail landscape of Greater Noida (West), Grandthum offers myriad possibilities. From a shopping arcade with more than 100 outlets to a hypermarket, from fine dining areas to dedicated spaces - like The Bank Street for leading banks or Bolt, a gaming and entertainment destination - it is truly a comprehensive retail destination.


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Grandthum fits in naturally into this boundless ecosystem that is our lives. It makes the new-age sanctuary of the contemporary professionals, who don’t look at the calendar or wait for the weekend, before stepping out, the wonder-land of the young who yearn for an adrenaline rush, and the go-to place for those who want everything under one roof.

A landmark icon in Greater Noida, Grandthum brings together elements of retail, entertainment, office spaces, and serviced apartments to create an ecosystem that offers infinite possibilities.
Greater Noida’s first organized shopping center

  • Presents an interesting mix of leisure, fine dining, entertainment, and interactive spaces
  • Integrated with Yacht Island - an ultra-modern Amusement Park
  • Houses Yacht Garden - a luxurious and elegant dining space
  • A mixed-use development spreading over 25 acres


Drawing its inspiration from 'water and mountain', Grandthum creates a contemporary space, which is a beautiful blend of form and functionality. Imbibing the nature of water, it spreads out evenly, offering accessibility and equal visibility. A design that is unrivaled by multi-spaces at par, locally and globally, with features that predetermine the success of any retail center.

With its vast range of facilities and vivid light display, it infuses energy and activity into Noida's contemporary culture.

  • Iconic twin tower design for office spaces
  • Double-level figure-eight design for retail and entertainment spaces
  • Stunning dining space inspired by yachts in water - 'The Yacht Garden'
  • Unhindered walkability and a condensed footprint


Imagine a serene evening with the aroma of the food in the air and a pleasant coolness from the water surrounding you. That is how an open-air dining experience will be at the Yacht Garden.

An outdoor seating area surrounded by water and inspired by a yacht, the Yacht Garden offers you the space to relax, dine, and simply be in the moment. To enhance the experience further, it will also have smaller yachts floating around you.

  • Modeled like a yacht
  • Smaller floating boats for rides


If being flexible means slowing downtime at your own will, it also means pressing the adventure button and getting ready for an exciting ride, as you please.

The Adventure Island at Grandthum gives you a reason to turn any dull day into a day of exhilaration and euphoria.

  • Integrated world-class amusement park
  • Superior quality rides
  • All safety measures in place


Your returns are not fixed, rather they have infinite potential for growth. When the market is a bull market that is on the rise, your returns will grow at a rapid rate.

On the other hand, in a bear market i.e. in a declining market, the returns may experience some slowdown.

Therefore in an economy experiencing a surge, you won't have to be satisfied with limited returns.


At Grandthum, the essence of design is fluidity, that is allowing movement that breaks barriers and helps create interaction and a sense of community.

It reflects in every aspect of our design, like on-grade parking decks that can be accessed via ingenious, undulating ring road system that eliminates the need for ramp systems, thereby giving equal access to both retail levels; or natural light and connectivity between the two levels, which make them part of one whole ecosystem.

By not surrounding the building with parking, connectivity to the rest of the Grandthum precinct is ensured.


  • A complete retail destination with a thrilling and enjoyable experience at Adventure Island (Amusement park)
  • The perfect place for short family breaks and shopaholic's paradise
  • A hypermarket to effectively cater to the needs of the high density of population in Delhi and NCR
  • Water showers located within the shopping enter which would help you to relax in the open air
  • This shopping arcade has more than 100 outlets which include F & B, retail outlets
  • Multi-cuisine food court with fine dining and specialty snacks and various restaurants
  • The rides are being imported from Leading European companies which supply to Disney and Universal studio


The balance to work-life begins right from the ecosystem you are in, and the office spaces at Grandthum present the perfect amalgamation of working and networking. For modern professionals, it means a day of work followed by socializing over dinner which in turn helps build more contacts and open new avenues for business.

  • Two high rise towers with 34 floors dedicated to office spaces
  • Plug and play models for entrepreneurs, professionals and small businesses
  • Large, flexible spaces for medium to large businesses


In a world, where the term social increasingly finds itself in the digital dictionary, our spaces call for rethinking interaction.

Grandthum presents the finest concoction of dining, shopping, and leisure that can bring together families, friends, colleagues, or people with similar interests.



It's the time between getting off from work and before hitting the bed, that you get for the most important things in life - to discuss new ideas, have deep conversations, and spend quality time with family. That’s why you need nothing less than the perfect setup. An open space with a stunning view and all kinds of cozy cafes, coffee shops, bistros, and restaurants.

  • Dedicated space for different kinds of cafes and restaurants
  • Overlooking the waters and yachts
  • Great ambiance for spending quality time


When it's a matter of minutes to reach from your workspace to your apartment to head out for a drink, you get more hours out of each day to do all that you want to do. With furnished and serviced apartments to take care of your every need, all you have to think about is your work and things to do after work.

  • Studio apartments for professionals, entrepreneurs, and corporates
  • Equipped with full kitchens, Wi-Fi and more
  • Amenities include room service, housekeeping, laundry and more


In a world where great lifestyles are about making choices, the shopping arcade at Grandthum ensures that a person never runs out of options. Be it fashion, cosmetics, gadgets, or anything under the sun, there's room for all kinds of products and services.

  • More than 100 outlets
  • Built with the most modern technology
  • Easily accessible
  • Plug and play stores


For businesses that need to stand out or demand their own expansive spaces, the Anchor Spaces at Grandthum give them space and visibility to help them achieve their true potential.

  • A key strategic areas
  • Offer maximum visibility
  • Designed to get maximum footfalls
  • Versatile spaces adapt to change


Food is no longer just food, it's an experience in itself, and a key element of Grandthum, the way we see it. This experience is enhanced by presenting an array of flavors to the customer, from a full-fledged food court to fine dining, to make sure there's something for every mood and everybody's taste.

  • Multi-cuisine food court
  • Fine dining
  • Cafes and specialities


Even in the high-density areas of Greater Noida, there is still a scarcity of retail or daily infrastructure needs. The Hypermart at Grandthum bridges this gap. A clearly demarcated space for the Hypermart ensures that it remains easily accessible and effectively caters to the needs of the customers.

  • Designated with separate entrances
  • Wide area for branding
  • Easy accessibility


We can't talk about an entertainment destination without talking about movies. The multiplex at Grandthum ensures that viewers get their finest movie experience here.

  • Capacity of up to 100 people per auditorium
  • Equipped with cutting-edge technology


At Grandthum, the essence of design is fluidity, that is allowing movement that breaks barriers and helps create interaction and a sense of community. It reflects in every aspect of our design.

  • On-grade parking decks with ingenious, accessible through undulating ring road system eliminating the need for ramp systems
  • Equal access to both retail levels which will help utilize both levels to their full potential
  • Natural light and connectivity between the two levels making them part of one ecosystem
  • Building not surrounded by parking making reaching Grandthum less of a hassle


Like any great city, Noida invites and impresses with a dizzying assortment of options. Here, however, the standard is simply getting higher.

With maximum budget allocations, it is said that Noida has enough funds for development even if residents don't pay taxes for five years. Known as the Gold Mine City, Noida is now quoted as an example of how newer cities should plan for future development, and of forward-looking infrastructure deployment and proactive policy creation

Meeting close to three-quarters of a Smart City's parameter requirements, this beautifully planned city has something for everyone, be it parks, amazing street food, lifestyle restaurants, shopping malls, street-side shopping avenues, amusement parks, pubs, nightclubs or sports complexes.

  • Low on traffic and pollution (by Indian standards)
  • India's greenest city with nearly 50% green cover
  • World-class healthcare facilities providing round-the-clock care
  • Home to some of the world's largest technology companies including renowned mobile phone manufacturers
  • Home to Buddh international circuit for Formula 1 racing
  • Host to the Sunburn Arena for international artists
  • City with the tallest towers in North India


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